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I've always been planning this, but since gossipgirl_anon is lost to us forever and Ed's birthday is in six days, I'm pushing out this post now and dedicating it to gossipgirl_anon as well as making this an individual "birthday present" for Ed.  I understand he will not see this.  Some of the fans that have tried to contact his people are legit crazy.  I'll be nice enough not to call them out individually. 

Also, this post is about putting the fun back in fandom and not this srs bizness #savechuckandblair/"take back the boards" mess running around that alienates those desperate for an abusive fictional couple to reunite on a television show from everyone else.  And not only fandom--we're talking casual viewers (even people hoping Chuck and Blair get together outside of fandom!), reviewers, TV writers who leak TV spoilers, bloggers and even the writers themselves.  Chuck and Blair not being together is not a fucking life-or-death situation.  Anyone participating in #savechuckandblair/"take back the boards" will be embarrassed five years after they've done this, I guarantee.     

This entry will remain public and since my journal doesn't allow anonymous comments, Chuckistan anons can stay mad.  And if they do have accounts, I'm screening non-friend comments, lol. 

And, fair warning, this entry will be image-heavy.  Then again, the only people I know that have a seriously slow internet connection are my aunt and uncle.  They have a huge Sony VISIO TV (no Blu-Ray or HDTV setup) but they still have AOL from, like, the 90s or something.  And dialup.  I am not kidding.  

this cut will work and not destroy everyone's f-lists )


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