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Sep. 8th, 2017 12:02 pm
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1) Still writing for [community profile] femslashex. Without hinting at what I'm actually writing, I didn't expect to be writing what I'm writing. But it's finally coming together.

2) Already nominated fandoms for Yuletide. I am boring, and I pretty much nominated what I've nominated in the past except for shifting around Fallen London and Preacher (the TV show) characters. I would list what I've nominated somewhere, but apparently at [community profile] yuletide/[ profile] yuletide there isn't a nomination coordination post yet? Huh. Not getting into starting a post at those comms for that, because there has been stupid wank over who should do what posts at those comms, and I don't want a part of it.

3) I've been looking at some of my old fic. Some of it makes me cringe, but with other fics, I see some possibilities not explored when I was, say, trying to get blackouts for these mostly now-dead bingo challenges. I recently republished and edited a Torchwood fic (Gwen/Suzie) I wrote for AU Bingo, Angst Bingo, and the Porn Battle. I took out some of the more attempts to be "lyrical" (because I can't imagine someone suffering from Stockholm syndrome saying "I know I'm suffering from Stockholm syndrome," or something like that) as well as Americanisms (there was an "ass" in the fic when it should've been "arse"). But I still liked the idea of the fic--Gwen still being under the influence of Suzie's gambit from "They Keep Killing Suzie," long after the events of Miracle Day. And I wanted to expand on that fic on what happened to Jack and Rex. So I decided to sign up to [personal profile] spook_me yet again so I can expand on that fic, and I guess Suzie can count as a mad scientist?

tl;dr: I've decided to do Spook Me to expand on an old Torchwood fic. Even if, in 2017, few people will read a non-Jack/Ianto Torchwood fic.


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