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marchocias ([personal profile] marchocias) wrote2014-10-13 04:25 pm


The reason why I haven't updated in so long is because I didn't feel like it.

Truthfully, I'm probably not going to use my LJ blog any more. The last time I updated it, it was to save an older blog post about my first trip to Miami, which somewhat ended with me being sexually assaulted by some drunk idiot in a club that's no longer operating in South Beach. (But I think the building that it was in still stands? The building housed a club that the Jersey Shore cast went to when they filmed in South Beach, and Burn Notice filmed an episode there.)

ONTD has changed--a lot. So many sites there have been "banned" and the site's been forced to publish excerpts of the sites they can put on the blog. I'd just rather go to the "banned" sites and read the stuff at the source than to hang out at ONTD for a report for a site I don't care about. (Alternatively, just refresh my Longform app, which does allow you to read from some of ONTD's banned sites, like Gawker and The Hollywood Reporter.) Now that I've excised ONTD (as well as some of their spinoffs, like fashin) from my friends list, there's really not a point in me hanging around LJ.

I'll be here and there on some LJ sites doing things. I'm committed to [ profile] polybigbang art, so I'll do a piece or two for that. But other than that, I'll be on my Tumblr instead, staying far, far away from the lunatic fringes of fandom. And if I do start a more comprehensive blog that isn't me reblogging The Blacklist's Tumblr, I'll let you know. But I'm not starting one right now.